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    After I submit the file you need for a quotation, what's next?

    Answer. After you submit your project details, you will receive an email confirming your submission. If our staff needs any further clarification on your project, they will reach out to you. You will also receive a notification once your quotation is being processed.

    How long does it take to receive the requested quotation?

    Answer. We aim to provide a quotation within one business day. In some cases, it may take up to three business days due to unexpected high volumes of requests.

    What type of file format do you need to get a quote faster?

    Answer. In order to assist you with your signage production, please provide us with the actual layout file in either AutoCAD, CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator formats. If you don’t have those, you can also send us high resolution images preferably shop drawings that can be used for preparing your quotation. Thank you.

    Up to how the thickness of metal you can cut?

    We can cut metal up to 3mm thickness, including stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and GI sheets. We used to cut up to 12mm thickness before, but we have limited customers for this service, so we have reduced the power to save electricity. However, we do have a CNC router that can cut thicker materials.

    Can I bring my own materials for sign production?

    Answer. No, we used materials that comply with the international sign-making standards for all signs we have made.

    How many days will it take to finish my sign?

    We can produce small volume of signs or prints within 2-5 business days. Our standard turnaround time is 7 business days. For bigger signs, we’ll need some extra time to get everything ready for you. So please hang tight and give us 20-25 business days to process your order.

    When do I need to initiate first payment for my sign?

    Answer. We will send you a quotation. If you agree with the terms, conditions, and estimated pricing, you can initiate online payment through our system’s customer portal. Or by issuing a 50% down payment via a company check or bank deposit.

    Will I receive an invoice for my payment transaction?

    Answer: If this is an online transaction to view all your invoices, go to your profile page, click the orders tab under your profile, and select “orders.” We will be able to provide an official receipt once everything has been delivered, approved, and paid for.

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